Letterpress Redux


Last week, I attended the second Letterpress workshop at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. Where the first workshop went over the basics of the art of letterpress, this workshop was more free form, allowing us a chance to work on our own projects.

My plan was to do a series of small cards that incorporated my illustrations with letterpressed type. Unfortunately, a business meeting forced me to miss half of the two-day workshop so I was forced to scale back my plans a bit. Instead of a series of cards, I focused on completing just one. You can see the results above.

I created the illustration before I went to the workshop. The text I was planning to letterpress was the opening lyrics for the song “Simple Girl” by the band Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr, so I wanted a drawing of a woman that would fit nicely with the lines. The final drawing was a simple brush and ink drawing that I scanned in and colored in a light tint of cyan. I then printed out a bunch of cards on my inkjet (I had originally hoped to silkscreen it, but a lack of time, resources and experience forced me to alter my plans).

Once at the workshop, I looked for an appropriate typeface to set my text. Originally, I wanted the text to overlap and integrate with the illustration, but I had trouble finding a typeface in the perfect size for that. Scrapping those plans, I instead decided to set the type nicely in the ample white space that the illustration provided. I selected Caslon 14pt Text for the type. The rest was relatively simple (thanks to the expert guidance of workshop instructor and letterpress/bookmaking diva Sarah Smith).

The second letterpress workshop was just was good as the first. I am already trying to figure out a way to get more press time in the future.


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