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Angel’s Embrace


Drawn at the Boston MFA in my Stillman & Birn Epsilon Sketchbook!


12 Months of Ink

Late last year, I put together a 2014 calendar on Lulu that I gave out as Christmas gifts to members of my family. I figured it would make a nice personalized stocking stuffer, plus it gave me an excuse to crank out some new illustrations (I am always more productive when I have a project to focus on).

After debating several themes for the calendar, I ended up letting the approach (black and white brush drawings, each featuring a different spot color) tie the wide range of subjects together. Doing 13 new illustrations seemed like a daunting task when I was getting started, but I was surprised to find that the process of doing them went a lot smoother than I might have expected.

If anyone is interested in getting one of the calendars for themselves, you can do so here. Lulu uses a print on demand process, so I don’t have an inventory of the calendars to hand out — they are printed as ordered.  Given the printing process, I was surprised to find that print quality of the illustrations is actually pretty good. The anal retentive designer in me, however,  finds the design of the calendar grids a little clunky (the Lulu interface generates the grid itself). Perhaps somewhere down the road I will do a limited print run of calendars that I design from the ground up, but for now these work out pretty well.

If you have a burning need to have some more Trev in your life, or you just forgot to get a 2014 calendar, check ‘em out!

Movie Draw: Cloud Atlas

The latest installment of Movie Draw is Cloud Atlas. This is going to be a tough one. I actually enjoyed the film a little more than I expected, but that might be because I had low expectations due to some disappointing reviews. The film is very ambitious, with story lines spanning centuries. It does a good job of juggling the various stories, but it sometimes over reaches a bit (especially with some of the unfortunate makeup choices).

The film almost had too much to draw. The sheer diversity of the various stories was a little overwhelming.